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If writing is your passion, Uktob is the place you need to be right now. We aim to be the leading providers of content that’s customized specifically for the region. We understand the needs of freelance writers more than anyone, that’s why we guarantee the process will always be as smooth as possible by providing detailed and standardized briefs from clients, guaranteed payments, proofreading and training and online workshops for our authors.

Whether you’re a newbie or a writer with years of experience, Uktob will give you direct access to thousands of writing opportunities for every subject under the sun. You get to choose when, where and how much content you write—your potential earnings are limitless!

Make Money as an Uktob Writer

We get it. Sometimes finding jobs as a freelance writer or translator doesn’t come easily. That’s why we’ve came up with a platform that brings the orders straight to you. No more hunting down recruitment agencies looking for your next job, no more spending hours on end searching for vacancies on your local grocery shop’s wanted ads!

With Uktob you can make money no matter where you are in the world, doing what you love to do best—write. You get to choose the topics and can write in your own time. You can work at a desk, a café, or even sitting comfortably on your bed with Mr. Whiskers snuggled in your lap.

Choose how much or how little you’d like to write from hundreds of orders every day.

Become an Uktob writer today and benefit from:

Free registration: For authors, writing for Uktob is 100% free of charge.
Weekly payoff: As soon as the client accepts your work, Uktob pays you for your articles. You can request a weekly payoff as soon as you’ve earned $10 or more.
Direct access to projects: With Uktob, you choose from thousands of clients. We recruit the clients.

Make Money Writing Articles in a Few Simple Steps

Here’s what you need to do to start making money writing articles:

First, register (it’s totally free). Once you’ve done that, we’ll need you to submit a sample of your work so clients have something to help them understand your writing capabilities and style. Based on your sample, we will also review the quality of your content and assign an author rating. Your rating allows you to select a project. Once you’ve been assigned a project, you can start making money.

The right project for every author

At Uktob, each word you write immediately translates into a dollar sign in your bank account. Whether you’ve just started writing, or have been writing for decades—we have a job for every level of expertise.

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