The Importance of Content for SEO

There is a well-known saying that content is king. Yes, of course, but only content which is optimized is king – rest is simply fluff. The importance of quality content which is optimized for a website cannot be underestimated. The question which you must answer is what really constitutes good content?

Content and Organic Search
Google is the most widely used search engine due to a reason. When you search for a particular word, Google comes up with the most appropriate websites. This is the reason why Google is way more popular than other search engines. Google uses a search algorithm which matches your search word with the right websites. This search algorithm is heavily dependent on keywords, keyword density, use of metatags etc. Therefore, a web page which satisfies all the criteria used by search algorithm is called optimized. If your content is properly written with these factors in mind, your web page will appear in the first page of search results. This in turn will result in better and more traffic to your website. You will achieve your objective – like catching eyeballs, making money, becoming famous and stuff like that.

Optimized Content Does Not Mean Writing Poetry
There is a misconception that all the content must be of academic quality. You do not have to write literature and poetry to qualify as good content – unless your website is about literature and poetry. Web content should reflect the nature of your website. If you are into pottery, your content should contain enough information about pottery. Additionally, the word ‘pottery’ must be strategically used in the content. In effect, ‘pottery’ must be your keyword.

Keyword placement and website optimization
Frankly, there are many misconceptions about keywords. Some experts believe that the main words or keywords must have a density of 2%. Some swear that two percent is too much. Nobody really knows the exact search algorithm which Google uses. The mechanics of search algorithm is a well-kept secret. Google believes that revealing the search algorithm may lead to gaming or manipulation of search results. How do you then decide keyword density? The best solution is to avoid getting into the nitty gritty and simply provide useful and relevant content.
Another issue which crops up often is how much of content is optimum? Here again, you must make a decision based on actual requirement. A web page may require 500 words description or more. Ideally, you must provide as much information as possible. Search engines love content – more the merrier. You must avoid cryptic and one sentence descriptions. This raises a red flag for search engines. Web sites with low content are under optimized and undervalued by search engines.

Effective use of Headings, Metatags and Urls for Website Optimization
You must have a content optimization strategy for your website. Each web page Url must be relevant to the content on the web page. Headings must be suitable and contain keywords strategically. You must use simple but effective words to convey the right information. You must never over use keywords. Keyword stuffing or overuse of keywords can lead to penalty by search engines. The days of black hat methods are long over. Write what you must, have an eye on optimization techniques and overall keep the search engines happy.

Provide Original Content for Great Website Optimization
You love some content in your competitor’s website and want to copy-paste it on your own. Never indulge in such love. It’s called plagiarizing and is dangerous. You can be penalized by search engines for indulging in such practices. Your content must be original – every bit of it. You can rewrite content; you can rephrase, change, modify, alter and create something new from the old. You must be creative which is actually quite simple to achieve.

The importance of content for website optimization cannot be taken lightly. You must provide great content and lots of it if you want to get noticed by search engines. There is no other way to be seen. So, buck up and get yourself some nice looking content which search engines would love.

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